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Lunar Sea Storytelling Brighton

Lunar Sea Storytelling hosted by Fleur Shorthouse and Xanthe Gresham Knight meet once a month to fete the full-moon with music, ritual and the brightest and best performance storytellers – professionals whose craft is pure enchantment.

Every moon has a name

Every moon has a tree

Every moon has a story….

Sunday October 13th at 7.30pm – The Kama Sutra: Seema Anand
The Nightingale Room, The Grand Central, 29-30 Surrey St, Brighton BN1 3PA


October holds the Blood Moon, its tree, the magical Elder, which opens a window to the other world and our shadow side as a warm up to Seema, Xanthe Gresham Knight and Arash Moradi will tell the Black Princess by Persian poet Nizami.

The Elder’s branches are full of bunches of purple berries which make a powerful red wine. What better time to host Seema Anand…

We tell stories to make love – with every word, every phrase, every expression – we make love. According to the Kama Sutra, with every changing phase of the moon the erogenous zones shift around the body. Written in the 4th century AD the Kama Sutra was the first book to acknowledge the idea of women’s pleasure – their capacity to feel it, their right to experience it. It was a handbook for the evolved lover. Arousal was a skill to be learnt. What tales to tell? What food to eat? What combination of perfumes to use to make the body a lovers trail?

Join Seema in an evening of decoding the secret teachings of the Kama Sutra on sensuality and seduction.

‘A guide to having great sex in the 21st century:’ The Hindustani Times.

Dr Seema Anand – author of The Arts of Seduction, mythologist and storyteller. Her work on the revival and reproduction of oral literature from India is associated to the UNESCO project for Endangered Oral Traditions. She is an authority on the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and lectures on Tantra, the Mahavidyas, the Kama Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita. Her TedX on seduction has over 8 million views.

Tuesday November 2nd at 7.30pm  Trickesterland – Nell Phoenix
Nightingale Room, The Grand Central, 29-30 Surrey St, Brighton BN1 3PA

The Yew is the tree of this month. It’s the tree that connects us to our ancestors. As the Yew renews itself from within, it is the tree of re-birth.

TRICKSTERLAND told by Nell Phoenix

There is a place where power crackles through all things:

broken bodies can become whole, thoughts can be heard, old bones speak and even rocks want revenge.

A shape shifting tale of two women – who are also sisters – who are also weasels… :

‘Absolutely electrifying!’..Nell Phoenix hops from character to character…the moose, the bear.. star men.. Wolverine…  just hilarious throughout…we hung on her every word. London Rocks.

‘a brilliant weaving of worldwide trickster tales’ Crick Crack Club, Soho Theatre

‘The best 75 minutes of storytelling I have ever seen’ Audience member.

About Nell Phoenix

Nell Phoenix is a passionate promoter of storytelling as a contemporary performance art. She runs StoryNight at Torriano, a popular grassroots club in north London. Recent work includes Shambala, British Museum, Kensington Palace, Royal Opera House, NTS Live, London’s coolest digital radio station and international Festivals from Berlin to Delhi.

‘Phoenix tells… in a way which is both commanding and strangely liberating’
David Fargnoli

Thursday 10 December at 7.30pm – Gawain and the Green Knight
Southern Belle Theatre, 3 Waterloo St, Hove BN3 1AQ


December’s tree is the Pine.  The Yule Log was traditionally made of pine wood – its sweet scent and bright flame bring the hope of the sun’s return.

When Men were Men, Women were Women, And an Axe was an Axe….

Gawain rode from Camelot, to seek his doom.

A medieval story of derring-do, chivalry, and inconvenient corsets.  Gawain is a classic tale of heroism tinged with absurdity and has at its heart a dysfunctional family, where a wrong done in one generation festers into revenge upon the next.

An ancient winter’s tale, perfect for a dark evening….

‘Gawain and the Green Knight’ storms along with an intelligent irreverence, yet is able to be truly magical when wonder is called for. It sparkles with a particularly glorious English humour. Ben Haggarty

‘Fresh and fiercely feminist’ British Theatre Guide

Sarah Rundle: former microbiologist, riotous comedian and composite storyteller has devised works for the British Council, Wellcome Foundation, Geffrye Museum, and the National Trust, and has performed at Stockholm’s Fabula Story Café, the Nivesh Festival in Delhi, Kolkata Literature Festival, Nottingham’s Theatre Royal, and Festival at the Edge. ]

‘Rundle was exquisite… raising issues around Eurocentric stereotypes…challenging morals and traditional storytelling.’  Remote Goat.

Friday January 10th at 7.30pm   In from the Cold  Sef Townsend
The Southern Belle Theatre, 3 Waterloo St, Hove BN3 1AQ


January holds the Wolf Moon, its tree the powerful Rowan.  Our instincts are to gather round and hear a tale.

In this darkest and coldest month of the Wolf Moon when the nights are long, and our instincts are to hibernate, gather round and hear a tale.

Sef will share stories learned from his travels around the world. From the snow and ice of the bitterest of Korean winters to the burning sun and scorching sands of the North African deserts, we will hear how the characters survive these hostile extremes.

“So enjoyed this last night – heart warming on a cold night, thought provoking and wonderful”  Naomi Wilds, Adverse Camber

“I loved Sef Townsend being his gracious, gentle self, telling stories that took no prisoners with their fiercely political messages.” Marion Leeper

“Absolutely bizarre but entirely captivating . . . thanks to the supreme detail in his every expression and movement . . . left me open-mouthed, my skin frosty”

The Arbutarian, London

Sef has been sharing stories for more than twenty five years. Often working with refugees and asylum detainees, he tells in churches, mosques, and synagogues, and has been involved in peace & reconciliation projects internationally. Recent story-sharing, workshop-giving & research has taken to him from China to Chile, from South Africa, to the West Bank.

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