Bag of Wonders

Storytelling that’s as sharp as a lemon and as sweet as a nut. Accept it or not, we’re all hooked on our baggage system, whether it’s a clutch bag or a holdall, but forget what’s in yours, and come and rummage around in Xanthe’s bottomless bag. Between the kitchen sink and the old tube tickets lies a pick and mix of marvels, fibs and fables. See what you can pull from this lucky dip!

An audible feast!  Gulf News, Waiheke Island New Zealand

Xanthe involved the audience as they picked out strange and commonplace articles from her wonderful bag prompting stories accompanied by great accordion playing. The show was very lively and interactive!  A man in the front row had us all in stitches and the woman next to me had an amazingly infectious laugh. The show was very popular with the audience:

Brilliant! Stellar!  Words cannot express how good!

I liked the music and the combination of comedy and old legend.
Cool beans!!!  I think it was a hench piece (hench means good)!’

Fab, energetic, compelling…. And a great accordion player..’

Mai Lin Lee, Freelance Creative Producer:

This show is part of Xanthe Gresham’s on-going repertoire and has been seen at the Soho Theatre and Literature Festivals throughout the UK, Europe and New Zealand