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Isis Is You Sis

Director: Shabina Aslam, Sound Design: Nina Perry, Design: Annemarie Woods

If you’ve ever done on-line dating, set fire to the curtains burning the relics of a recent love, or generally lost you golden lotus then Isis Is You Sis.

Combining the comic moments of the breaking up and single slog with a pure rendition of Isis and Osiris, the Egyptian tale of love versus murder, rape and betrayal, Isis Is You Sis will cause such a sunrise in your soul you’ll just want to get out there, throw your arms around the world and create life, love life, desire life!  How can you miss it?

This show has been performed at the Barbican Pit, Northern Stage, Soho Theatre, Beyond the Border, Festival at the Edge, Cheltenham Literature Festival and the Norwegian Storytelling Festival 2011.

Gresham unfolds each story like the petals of a lotus.  At the end you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind. British Theatre Review

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