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Baba Yaga and the Virgin

Has your pilot light puttered? Your credit crunched?

Never fear, help is here to re-ignite the spark. On a road trip through Mexico (via haunted hotel rooms, day of the dead celebrations, visions and peculiar folklore) two deities dangle like dice from the rear view mirror.

One is Baba Yaga – once a goddess of fire and fertility, now just a witch in Russian folkology. With her iron teeth and cannibalistic tendencies, she scuttles through the forest in a hut balanced on a pair of hairy chicken legs.

The other is The Virgin of Guadalupe – Latin America’s iconic Mother, who launches Mexican waves of tea towels, plastic bracelets and prayer cards across the country. Famous and beloved she holds us all in the folds of her mantle.

Baba Yaga and The Virgin is an hour and fifteen minutes long or can be performed with an interval.

Performance venues include the Bargehouse Oxo Tower, Soho Theatre, the Society for Storytelling, Imperial Rooms, Matlock and Treadwells Bookshop