Originally commissioned by the British Museum, Xanthe’s collection of Shahnameh stories has expanded, thanks to honorariums from the Smithsonian, Iran Heritage, Asia House and the Magic of Persia.

Xanthe Gresham Knight, dazzling spoken word storyteller, dives into the majestic mythology of Persia, performing episodes from The Shahnameh accompanied by the remarkable Iranian musician, Arash Moradi.

Immerse yourself in a passion-filled world of adventure, lust and romance, filled with supersized heroes, magical horses, selfish Kings and a femme fatale Queen. Two outstanding artists bring exhilaration, energy, poetry and humour to this sweeping ancient history of Greater Iran.

For family audiences, Xanthe can perform Creation, the Demons and King Zahak; The Simorgh, Zal and Rudaba; The Adventures of Rustam and Rahksh and Darab and Queen Humai. For adults and young people: Sohrab and Rustam; Siyawush and Sudaba and Bizan and Manijer. Xanthe can perform solo, or with the accompaniment of Arash Moradi on tanbur, setar and daf.

My head is still buzzing with the stories you shared, Xanthe. I could not have been more pleased with the content and quality of your performance. It was the perfect complement to our small Shahnameh installation. Ray Williams Harvard Fogg Museum

Xanthe was brilliant and gave one of the most compelling museum programs I have ever attended and I’ve been to plenty! Mary McWilliams Curator at the Harvard Art Museums