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Director: Shabina Aslam, Sound Design, Nina Perry, Design: Annemarie Woods

Aphrodite is running towards you crushing aromatic flowers with her naked feet.  Is your red heart strong enough, your black heart deep enough to share her starry secrets?

Ransacking literature and mythology from the Stone Age to Hans Christian Anderson, from Ancient Greece to Soho, Aphrodite is summoned; six foot, perfumed with ambrosial oil, a perfect snake tattooed between her shoulder blades; her gift – The Real Red Shoes.

This show has been performed at the Barbican Pit, Northern Stage, Soho Theatre, Beyond the Border, Festival at the Edge and the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Thigh-high story-seduction at its most outrageous!  Nobody does red like Xanthe! Ashley Ramsden, Emmerson College

Tour ready publicity available on request.