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Xanthe Gresham Knight and Fleur Shorthouse host the brightest and best professional storytellers to fete the moon of the month.


Every moon has a name

Every moon has a tree

Every moon has a story….

28 June 2022 7.30pm Lisa Schneidau tells The World Tree

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This June we celebrate the Strawberry Pharisee Moon and the elegant Ash Tree.

Ash is one of the UK’s most common trees, bringing many gifts: timber, fuel, tools, inspiration and protection. Now ash dieback is on the march through our countryside, and in ten years’ time most of our ash trees will be lost.

We are delighted that Lisa Schneidau will tell The World Tree: a storytelling dedicated to our beloved ash trees, past, present and future. Here’s a tangle of Norse myth, Irish legend and English folktale, where you can hear the latest about our tree pandemic, learn some juicy reptilian insults and discover what happened after the world really did end.

“…poetic and powerful.”

“…both a fitting celebration and a lament of the loss of the trees… a small, but sincere act of giving back.”

31 March 2022 7.30pm Pearls Plants and People

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Image credit: Ingrid Taro

Paola Balbi (Italy/UAE) and Xanthe Gresham Knight (UK) tell stories gathered on their road trip through deserts, mountains and coasts of the UAE, funded by the British Council with support from SeahavenFM. The show features true and traditional tales from descendants of the Bedouin and Pearl Diving communities in the 7 Emirates and the Middle English story ‘Pearl’.

It takes years of layering, nacre upon nacre, to create a pearl; and generation upon generation, to craft a traditional story. An evolving project, Pearls, Plants and People is a bridge building exercise creating links between the hidden treasures of UAE heritage and Western culture.

31 October 2021  8.00 LunarSea Storytelling: Tim Ralphs – Re-Branding Be’elzebub
Zoom storytelling event

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REBRANDING BEELZEBUB shines a spotlight on Him Downstairs in a performance shaped by razor wit, diabolical horror, absurd confessions and guffaws fit for the unholy host. Tim presents innovative re-imaginings of traditional tales as he exhumes the bones of old Devil stories and stitches them a new skin. This grand collection spans supermarket stalls, urban sprawls, mad drunken preachers and widow’s sons. Darkly humorous with disturbing turns and a distinct whiff of sulphur.

“A five star story” – The Times
**** Fringe Guru.

Thursday October 1st at 7.30pm   Katy Cawkwell tells Rhiannon
Zoom storytelling event

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One woman, three birds, six treacherous midwives, nine trusted companions and the hanging of a mouse…

Rhiannon goes on a great journey, riding a horse that no-one can catch, crossing thresholds from the other world into our own, from eternal youth to mortal suffering. She comes for love, but such a love as this is destined for trouble.

A fresh retelling, based on the fragmentary brilliance of the Welsh epic cycle, the Mabinogion.

Not suitable for under 10s.

Katy has been storytelling for over 20 years across Britain and beyond – she is well-known for unravelling complex narratives into compelling, glittering stories that linger in the mind long after they are told.

2 September LunarSea Storytelling Jan Blake A Summer Cornucopia LunarSea Storytelling

3 August: 7.30 Lunar Sea Storytelling Peter Chand Threads of the Moon LunarSea Storytelling

1 July: 7.30 LunarSea Storytelling Kate Corkery Tales from Ireland LunarSea Storytelling

Thursday 7th May 2020
Jan Blake – Tales of Creation and Extinction
The Nightingale Room, Grand Central 29-39 Surrey St Brighton BN1 3PA (Next to Brighton Station) 7.30pm

May holds the full Flower Moon, her tree, the open-hearted Hawthorne.

Where did the world come from? Where is it going? From the world’s creation out of a drop of milk to the first appearance of death, Jan Blake explores origins and endings in the African tradition.

Engaging, deeply emotional and at times outright hilarious, Jan Blake’s storytelling is among the best in the world.’  Everything Theatre

Working with Radio 4, the British Council, the RSC and the National Theatre, Jan has received numerous awards.

Wednesday 8th April 2020
Ben Haggarty – Mr Sandman
The Nightingale Room, Grand Central 29-39 Surrey St Brighton BN1 3PA (Next to Brighton Station) 7.30pm

April holds the full Pink Moon, her tree, the vital Willow.

Dark, unsettling, magical: slip behind the lights into the dark side of the fairground. Ready yourself for an intense journey through the ambivalent mythology of the Sandman. Paying homage to Heinrich Von Kleist, E.T.A. Hoffman, Hans Andersen and Nick Cave. Feel the magnetic pull of a ravenous moon.

Winner of Fringe First Award for Best Spoken Word – Brighton Festival 2013 ★★★★★

‘Intense and alarming… Screw up your courage and go.’  The Times


Monday 9th March 2020
TUUP (The Unorthodox, Unprecedented Preacher) – Rainbow Snake
The Nightingale Room, Grand Central 29-39 Surrey St Brighton BN1 3PA(Next to Brighton Station)  7.30pm

March is the worm moon.  Its tree the transformative and mysterious Alder.

To witness Tuup, drummer and vocalist for Transglobal Underground, is to see trance in action. An elder of the storytelling movement, Tuup tells with primordial purity; becoming the hiss of the snake, the cry of the bird and the laugh of the child.

‘Tuup is an inspirational storyteller and embodies the African oral tradition of the griot.’ Keith Waite

Sunday 9th February 2020
Nick and Emily Hennessey – It’s Time to Talk Troll
The Nightingale Room, Grand Central 29-39 Surrey St Brighton BN1 3PA (Next to Brighton Station) 7.30pm

Nick forges a bridge between song and spoken word in tales from the Finnish epic, Kalevala.
‘a rare combination of artistic adventure and absolute accessibility – magical.’ London Lit Fest.

Emily takes us into the shadows with the trolls; because what we do not face will haunt us.
Emily’s language gives a sensual thrill evoking a  strange, fantastical world.’  British Theatre Review

Friday January 10th at 7.30pm   In from the Cold  Sef Townsend
The Southern Belle Theatre, 3 Waterloo St, Hove BN3 1AQ


January holds the Wolf Moon, its tree the powerful Rowan.  Our instincts are to gather round and hear a tale.

In this darkest and coldest month of the Wolf Moon when the nights are long, and our instincts are to hibernate, gather round and hear a tale.

Sef will share stories learned from his travels around the world. From the snow and ice of the bitterest of Korean winters to the burning sun and scorching sands of the North African deserts, we will hear how the characters survive these hostile extremes.

“So enjoyed this last night – heart warming on a cold night, thought provoking and wonderful”  Naomi Wilds, Adverse Camber

“I loved Sef Townsend being his gracious, gentle self, telling stories that took no prisoners with their fiercely political messages.” Marion Leeper

“Absolutely bizarre but entirely captivating . . . thanks to the supreme detail in his every expression and movement . . . left me open-mouthed, my skin frosty”

The Arbutarian, London

Sef has been sharing stories for more than twenty five years. Often working with refugees and asylum detainees, he tells in churches, mosques, and synagogues, and has been involved in peace & reconciliation projects internationally. Recent story-sharing, workshop-giving & research has taken to him from China to Chile, from South Africa, to the West Bank.

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